An image of the Tiananmen Square at sunset.

Bloodbath at Tiananmen: The Aftermath

December 25, 2021

Post the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Chinese government intensified political surveillance. It geared all its energies toward suppressing and whitewashing its behavior during what it now referred to as the ‘Beijing Spring’. […]

Adolf Hitler and members of the Nazi party in Vienna.
European History

The Aftermath of the “Anschluss”

April 27, 2021

For diplomats in Europe—and all over the world—concern grew over the summer of 1938 that something would lead to a German invasion, and then this would be the start of a second world war. […]

Colorized shot from the Trinity Test.

The Aftermath of the Nuclear Bomb

November 21, 2020

The research and subsequent development of nuclear energy opened up the Pandora’s Box of its limitless potential. The atomic bombings and their harsh aftermath woke the world to the many grave possibilities of nuclear energy. […]

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