Observatory with stars in background captured in timelapse mode.

Margaret Burbidge: Breaking Barriers in Astrophysics

June 12, 2022

Margaret Burbidge’s enthusiasm for astronomy led her to applying for a postdoctoral research position at Mount Wilson. However, she was turned down as women were barred from staying on the mountain and working as lead observers. […]

A 3D illustration depicting the singularity, a concept from quantum physics.

How Scientists View Quantum Physics

May 7, 2021

Even though scientists base their beliefs on facts, they disagree on how they interpret their theories and this separates them into realists and non-realists. […]


How Einstein Challenged Newtonian Physics

July 18, 2019

For centuries, Newtonian physics was the dominant worldview. However, Einstein shook up the scientific community with his groundbreaking papers on light quanta; atoms; and, eventually, his special theory of relativity. […]

Digital x-ray human body scan interface on blue background 3D rendering

Metaphysics and the Human Body

July 18, 2019

Before the Enlightenment, the metaphysical view of the human body was that of a machine, and all problems with the machine could only be caused by parts of the machine malfunctioning. Removing or fixing those parts was the job of surgeons, and the idea that tiny animals inside us could make us sick—that seemed silly. But a new scientific paradigm born of the Enlightenment changed humanity’s view of the body. […]

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