A statue of the Roman god Zeus.

Ancient Paganism and Modern Religion

February 8, 2022

In modern times, religion is important as it offers spiritual grounding, moral values, and a belief system. However, this wasn’t how religion was understood in the ancient Roman world. […]

An image of Ceremony in pagan temple with ritual ware.

Religion and Gods in the Ancient Pagan World

February 6, 2022

Ancient pagans, being polytheists, did not have to choose one particular god to worship; they could worship many. Though they didn’t believe in afterlife, they realized the power of gods. […]

Photo of a church
American History

American Republic: Religion and Virtue

November 14, 2021

George Washington thought what formed and shaped virtue was religion. However, the federal constitution’s first amendment forbade the federal government from designating any denomination as a national church. […]

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