HOAX OR NOT? Read on…

You’ll be surprised…

Congratulations, you’ve clicked through to read the substance of the article! You are among the few that will, but many shall read the title and make assumptions from there, perhaps to comment critically. This article is not about a climate change hoax, and the joke is on them. April Fools!

Today we reflect on our society as a whole. In this information climate, well respected sources in journalism and academia are suffering to be heard. There is a sentiment of anti-intellectualism rising. We’re here to say: it’s ok to be smart. Education is one of the easiest ways to enrich yourself and one of the most powerful tools you can cultivate. To open your mind to new ideas, even if ultimately disagreeing with them, is a sign of a lifelong learner.

We’re here to say: it’s ok to be smart.

Our courses are made for people who just love to learn. As fans of ours know, our courses are put through extreme vetting to ensure that they are as accurate as possible based on research and verified sources. Our professors are the top in their field, often having the most advanced degrees attainable. We also strive to keep our courses as impartial as possible, presenting multiple sides of an argument. You can find citations within the course guidebooks. No fact-twisting or agenda-bending here. Just the facts.

What are YOU learning today?

So here is our request: Talk about education. Tell friends about what you’re learning and cite your sources. Debate what you think to be false and listen to the opposing argument. Make your case airtight and watch out for the court-room fallacies. If your argument is wrong, consider the other side; it’s ok to be wrong sometimes! Keep your mind open to new ideas, cultures, languages, and more. Take to the streets and tell everyone to do their research, cite their sources, and don’t be taken in by fake news. Question and verify all. It is only when all the global citizens unite to demand honesty in facts that the culture will change and satisfy those demands.

#NeverStopLearning #AprilFools