Experiencing Shakespeare From Page to Stage cover art
British Literature

Which Language Tools Did Shakespeare Use?

March 19, 2023

William Shakespeare is often considered the world’s best playwright. He made regular use of a wide array of literary devices to liven up his work. Which language tools did Shakespeare use? […]

Great Heroes and Discoveries of Astronomy cover art

Wondrium Looks at Influential Astronomer Carl Sagan

January 29, 2023

Carl Sagan was a world-famous American astronomer and planetary scientist. He contributed research on the possibility of alien life and hosted the popular television show Cosmos. Wondrium explores his life and legacy. […]

Warriors, Queens, and Intellectuals coverartwork
Deeper Dive

Wondrium Series Explores Great Women before 1400

January 22, 2023

From Herodias to Joan of Arc, strong women fill pre-15th-century history. A Wondrium series tells the stories of 36 such warriors, queens, and intellectuals. Vietnam’s Trung sisters rebelled against China 2,000 years ago. […]

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