Understanding Imperial China
Deeper Dive

Wondrium Reveals Life of Han Dynasty Nobility

May 21, 2023

The Han Dynasty, starting with the rule of Liu Bang, marked China’s first golden age. The dynasty began around 200 B.C.E. and lasted 400 years. Liu Bang balanced tradition with new political ideas. […]

Macroeconomics Made Clear
Business and Economics

New Wondrium Series Explains Modern Currency

April 30, 2023

The first known currency, the Mesopotamian shekel, dates back 5,000 years. Since then, people have used everything from furs to salt to livestock as money. How did modern currency come about? […]

Creation Stories of the Ancient World

Wondrium Series Analyzes Biblical Creation Story

April 9, 2023

Most of us are familiar with the creation story found in the Bibles of the Jewish and Christian faiths. God’s creation of Heaven and Earth appear at the beginning of each. However, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. […]

Banned Books, Burned Books: Forbidden Literary Works cover art
Deeper Dive

New Series Explores Banned Children’s Literature

April 2, 2023

Well-known, classic children’s literature has had a history of being banned as books. Groups concerned with inappropriate material have fought the availability of many titles. Even Winnie the Pooh and Ferdinand the Bull have faced removal. […]

Experiencing Shakespeare From Page to Stage cover art
British Literature

Which Language Tools Did Shakespeare Use?

March 19, 2023

William Shakespeare is often considered the world’s best playwright. He made regular use of a wide array of literary devices to liven up his work. Which language tools did Shakespeare use? […]

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