Laboratory professional preparing chemotherapy medicine treatment bags for cancer patients in a hospital.
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How Do Chemotherapy Drugs Fight Cancer?

May 26, 2023

There are several ways to treat cancer, including radiation and drugs. Some drugs attack DNA and some attack other cell processes in order to fight cancer. How do chemotherapy drugs work? […]

Hand holding to comfort and older person
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How Is Life Expectancy Calculated?

April 20, 2023

The average life expectancy has more than doubled in 400 years. Whereas people were once expected to live just 35 years, that number is now more than 79 years. How do we determine life expectancy? […]

Quality Control Workers Examining Pills in Lab. Pharmaceutical lab technicians inspecting the quality of medical pills. Pharmaceutical Industry.
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How Can the United States Stop the Opioid Crisis?

April 7, 2023

In the last 20 years, opioid overdose deaths have spiked in the United States. The problem is multifaceted, with less than 25% of drug abusers getting their supply from doctors. How do we stop the opioid crisis? […]

Sad thoughtful worried african american girl sit on sofa looking away feel depressed doubtful, lonely stressed upset young black girl thinking of psychological problem thinking regret about mistake
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How Much Anxiety Is Normal?

March 31, 2023

Sometimes, fear and anxiety can be helpful tools in self-preservation. With them, we can avoid harm and danger, for example. What’s the difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder? […]

Doctor holding hands with patient and breast cancer ribbon
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Is Breast Cancer Screening Effective?

March 16, 2023

There are several methods doctors use to screen patients for cancer. Some means of detecting cancer include mammograms, endoscopies, and colonoscopies. How effective is breast cancer screening? […]

Women on public transit with face masks on
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What Is Public Health?

March 2, 2023

The mass response to diseases can be predictive or reactive. This can take the form of legal policy or be a combination of coordinated efforts on a large scale. How does society care for the public’s medical well-being? […]

Malaria Disease Infected Culex Mosquito Parasite Insect Macro on Green Background
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How Has Malaria Changed Human History?

February 22, 2023

Malaria is a dangerous parasitic illness that has plagued humanity for millennia. It kills more than half a million people per year worldwide. What impact has it had on the human race? […]

Insulin pen. Medical devices is used to self-injection for treatment diabetes disease. World diabetes day and health care concept.
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Why Do Diabetics Need Insulin?

January 27, 2023

Insulin is one of the most well-known hormones found inside living creatures. It has many functions vital for our bodies’ growth and development. How does insulin help the human body? […]

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