baby in high chair eating solid food with spoon
Health And Fitness

Babies and Solid Foods: When to Start

August 1, 2017

The only requirement for first foods is that it can be mushed up. Junior isn’t going to chew anything just yet, so whatever you’re feeding him needs to be, essentially (but not literally) pre-chewed. […]

paper that reads "no peanuts allowed" in childish writing surrounded by peanuts and peanut butter
Health And Fitness

Peanut Allergies and School Policies

July 25, 2017

Of the peanut policies in place, the only one associated with a significantly decreased number of epinephrine uses was the presence of peanut-free tables in eating areas. Other policies, including having an entirely peanut-free school, did not result in fewer instances of epinephrine use. […]

Image of a green bottle with a large nutrition label, surrounded by multicolored pills
Health And Fitness

Nutritional Supplement Labels May Be Lying to You

July 18, 2017

Researchers in Canada purchased 31 melatonin products from stores in Guelph, Ontario. They analyzed the content of tablets, liquids, and chewables, and found that few of the products contained their labeled dose. […]

closeup of obese child eating donut
Health And Fitness

Obesity: It’s Not Just the Sugar

July 7, 2017

Recently, sugar has emerged as the “deadly villain” in the obesity epidemic. But a recent study from Australia shows that maybe it’s not so simple. […]

hikers walking on trail
Health And Fitness

Consider Taking The Gym Outdoors

July 5, 2017

Hitting the gym today? Consider going outside instead. Professor Kimberlee Bethany Bonura discusses the health advantages of being outside. […]

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