Hands holding a red ribbon on back of HIV-AIDS letter blocks.
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AIDS: The Symptoms of an HIV Infection

July 24, 2021

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, which isn’t really a disease. AIDS is a complicated syndrome with many symptoms, and is the last stage of an HIV infection. […]

Acronym SIRS as Systemic inflammatory Response Syndrome
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Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

June 24, 2021

In some bacterial infections, inflammatory responses of the immune system cause biological changes in the patient’s body. These changes release special proteins that can lead to the patient’s death. […]

Illustration of bacteria, virus, and germs with blood cells.
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Exotic Diseases: From Animals to Humans

June 15, 2021

Tularemia, chronic wasting disease, brucellosis, and query fever are some of the diseases that get transferred from animals to humans. One Health Initiative is trying to improve the health of all species on this planet. […]

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