Photo of three women suffragists casting their votes.
American History

Victory of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

June 26, 2022

Christabel Pankhurst believed the women suffragists were fighting for a revolution. In 1918, some eligible British women got the right to vote, while American women got it in 1920. […]

Vintage American flag
American History

Wondrium Explores the National Anthem of Black America

June 5, 2022

A tribute song to Abraham Lincoln and emancipation spread like wildfire. Written by two African American brothers, it grew from Florida to a national sensation in just a few years. This week on Wondrium Shorts, taking a look at “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” […]

Statue of Samuel Adams with the US flag in background
American History

Samuel Adams: The Often Overlooked Founding Father

April 10, 2022

Let’s take a look at Samuel Adams’s formative years and also how democratization of the religious experience would play a role in h radical ideas about liberty and equality during the American Revolution. […]

Leadership concept through image of a golden chess queen with silver chess pieces in background.
American History

Victoria Woodhull: Beginning of a Political Journey

March 14, 2022

Victoria Woodhull decided to run for president during the 1872 election. Though she had no chance of winning, she claimed political power by running for office rather than working with suffragists to ask for it. […]

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