The picture of the map by Martin Waldseemüller has the name of America mentioned in it.
American History

Columbian Exchange and the Ideas of the New World

June 26, 2020

The American continent was in the Waldseemüller map now gaining popularity for the name, America. This also resulted in travel and physical contacts between Old and the New World under a term known as ‘Columbian Exchange’. Why was it considered, an environmental turning point? Read more to find it out! […]

Picture by OlVic probably of a secret society showing hands holding candles. Secret societies had the ability to convince their followers to believe in something they wanted them to believe in.
American History

Secret Societies: On the Road to Revival?

June 17, 2020

Secret societies emerged in all forms and varieties. One of them being Clampers which ceased and revived again. Social clubs were another face of social societies. How did they start operating and what was the end result? […]

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