virgin mary statue
Ancient History

One Empress Shaped Catholicism 1,600 Years Ago

August 14, 2022

Veneration of the Virgin Mary owes largely to Pulcheria. In the 5th century CE, she revolutionized the Catholic Church and its practices. How did this Roman empress forever alter Catholicism? […]

The Romans marching up the shores of England, leading the Roman invasion
Ancient History

The Roman Conquest of Britain

February 14, 2022

Under Emperor Claudius’ rule, the Romans invaded Britain in 44 AD, and the Britons of the lowland south and east were quickly converted to a Roman way of life. […]

Statue of Charlemagne
European History

Charlemagne: The Father of Europe

January 11, 2022

Charlemagne was much praised by his contemporaries. In fact, there is even a prize in his name for those who work toward the unification of the peoples of Europe. However, not everyone has shared the same opinion about the ‘father of Europe’.. […]

The image of lit up Colosseum in Rome.
Ancient History

The Life of a Poor Man in Ancient Rome

January 22, 2021

A significant size of the ancient Roman population was poor. The poor people generally had to work as unskilled workers. And, there were many beggars on the street. Yet, the empire provided quite a few cheap or free means of entertainment to them, like the public baths, amphitheaters, or chariot races. […]

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