sutton ho helmet
British History

Ancient Cemetery in Suffolk Likely Hosted 7th Century Executions

February 13, 2022

The ancient site of Sutton Hoo has a large amount of bodies with broken necks or decapitations. Located near Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, the burial site dates back to the 7th century C.E. This week on Wondrium Shorts, dig into its “ghost bodies.” […]

Image of a plague doctor inside a medieval monuments
British History

How England Coped With the Plague

May 11, 2021

After the plague hit England, people had a hard time coping with it. Nobles obviously had an easier time than peasants but it still affected everybody. […]

A painting showing Chinese junks being destroyed by the British fleet.
British History

The British Fleet in China and the Treaty of Nanking

February 21, 2021

By June of 1842, the British fleet had occupied Amoy and Shanghai, as well as a series of strategic islands and fortresses, commanding all maritime access to the southeast coast of China. The Chinese capitulated, and signed the Treaty of Nanking. […]

Conradh Limk 2
British History

Celtic Revival in Ireland: Irish Language

December 6, 2020

One aspect of the ancient Irish culture forgotten partly due to British dominance was the Irish language. In the 19th century, different attempts were made to revive the language. The Gaelic League was the most prominent player in this challenge. […]

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