Illustration of a pope facing the other way
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The Intense Accusations against Pope Leo III

March 28, 2022

Pope Leo III was accused of fornication and perjury, and there were stories about his less-than-spotless personal life. However, in 800, he cleared his name by swearing an oath. […]

Statue of Charlemagne in front of the historic Aachen Town Hall
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Charlemagne: Assuming the Imperial Title

March 28, 2022

Charlemagne had many titles to his name: he was King of the Lombards, and King of the Franks, just to name a few. However, that didn’t stop him from acquiring the imperial title. […]

charlemagne closeup drawing
Deeper Dive

How Did Charlemagne Get His Name?

March 27, 2022

The word “Charlemagne” traveled far from Latin to English. From “the Father of Europe” to “Charles the Great,” he had as many aliases as the whole mafia combined. This week on Wondrium Shorts, trace their origins. […]

Portrait of James I
British History

How James II Was Overthrown in England

March 26, 2022

James II, a Catholic king, had become the absolute power in England and people were tired of his rule. Help and support came in the form of Prince William of Orange, in Holland, who was married to James’s eldest daughter, Mary. […]

Thor's silver Hammer pendant on the chain, steel chain mail and Viking helmet. Handmade. Mjolnir. Viking's symbol.
European History

Were All Norse Gods Flawless?

March 19, 2022

Thor and his image as god of thunder was a conjecture that turned out to be an amplified mythology on screen in movies. But the history is something else. […]

Alexander Kerensky sitting in his office and reading something with his aides looking at him.
European History

The Downfall of Alexander Kerensky

February 23, 2022

Alexander Kerensky was an accidental revolutionary who rose to power in Russia. However, he did not have the foresight of a politician which eventually led to his doom. […]

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