Soccer ball score hitting the back of net

Where Did Soccer Originate?

November 30, 2022

How was soccer invented? Soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, cricket, and even baseball have their roots in the Middle Ages. As the World Cup plays out in Qatar, Wondrium has answers. […]

Pair of hands holding a cross with greenery in the background

Christianity: Organic Growth and Transformation

November 24, 2022

Early Christian communities had limited access to any of its foundational texts and no shared understanding of how to interpret them. However, all this changed when Constantine adopted the Christian faith. […]

A willow wreath with cross, eggs and decorative angel.

Emergence of Orthodoxy and Heresy in Christianity

November 23, 2022

Before Christianity got legitimized, defining and enforcing anything like orthodoxy was impossible. Christianity had had no rules, no traditions, no centralized authority. In fact, it was a cult that raised many suspicions. […]

Image of Jesus Christ

Jesus and the Jewish Society

November 23, 2022

While the Hellenized urban elite Jews were content living under Roman rule, there were urban poor Jews who hoped for a new, autonomous Jewish kingdom under a new leader. […]

Illustration of a castle with stone walls

The Middle Ages: A Broad Chronology

November 6, 2022

There was no fall of Rome, no one moment of definitive decline or rupture. Thus, depending on what one values, on what aspects of antiquity one holds most dear or important, one can draw the lines between ancient and medieval. […]

Image of an old medieval throne in a stone walled room

The Middle Ages: How to Describe the Era?

November 3, 2022

We use‘medievalist’ is used as a term of abuse; to refer to some practice that has nothing to do with what actually occurred during the Middle Ages. This damages not just the past, but the present. […]

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