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New Wondrium Course Discusses UFOlogist George van Tassel

November 21, 2022

Architect, mechanic, and UFOlogist George van Tassel began building the Integratron in the early 1950s, claiming he was instructed by aliens. This Mojave Desert landmark was supposed to facilitate life extension and time travel. What became of this ambitious project? […]

An image showing flags of India and Pakistan.

Gandhi’s Revolution and the Birth of Two Sovereign Nations

July 18, 2022

Gandhi realized that non-violent protest put its practitioners in a morally superior position vis-à-vis the targets of their protest. The British colonial power was now on the defensive. Therein lay the revolutionary potential of nonviolent resistance. […]

An image of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi’s ‘Swaraj’ and Indian Nationalism

July 18, 2022

Gandhi did not want Indians to be divided on the basis of caste, ethnicity or class. Indian nationalism must unite all. He also intentionally used the word ‘swadesh’ to underline the need to embrace and value their own Indianness. […]

Family of Japanese dolls

Japan’s Journey Toward a Solo Society

July 4, 2022

After the bursting of the economic bubble in 1990, Japanese population faced an economic insecurity which then led to the erosion of their belief in the family unit. The country is fast emerging as a solo society with the youth wanting to enjoy their lives as singles. […]

War in the Modern World cover image
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“War in the Modern World” Foretells Current Conflicts

June 26, 2022

The first few decades after World War II laid the groundwork for the world today. Conflicts like the Cold War and the Soviet War in Afghanistan led to future conflicts in their respective nations. A new Wondrium series connects the dots. […]

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