An oil on canvas painting depicting a scene of battle, with men on horses to the right and left of the frame with swords and spears in hand attempting to kill men on the ground, some of whom are dead and lying on the ground in the bottom- center of the frame, and there's a clear blue sky above with a few white clouds.
British History

What Fueled the Norman Conquest of England?

October 22, 2020

Even though, in 1066, Norman conquerors, hailing from Normandy in northern France, seized the English throne from the Anglo-Saxon rulers who had previously held it, Anglo-Saxon England and Normandy had had very close relations in the decades leading up to the Norman Conquest. The closeness of these relations would pave the way for the Norman Conquest of England. […]

Image of medieval chainmail armor.
European History

The High Middle Ages: The End of the First Crusade

October 20, 2020

When Pope Urban II called for a Crusade, the peasants and artisans came forward, but they had no military expertise. Eventually, it became impossible for any one person to control the actions of the Crusaders. Thus, the Popular Crusade ended in a disaster […]

Image of crusaders in their armors.
European History

The High Middle Ages: The Concept of Crusade

October 19, 2020

The High Middle Ages changed the dynamics among the European kingdoms. Free from outside encroachment, they began attacking their neighbors, especially the Islamic Empire in the eastern Mediterranean that came to be known as the First Crusade. […]

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