The Pyramid Texts found in the Pyramid of Unas, Saqqara.
Ancient History

The Pyramid Texts of the Egyptian Empire

May 29, 2020

The Egyptian Empire is known for its grandeur, such as that of the great pyramids, and the Sphinx. Read on to find more about another fascinating discovery from the period, the Pyramid Texts. […]

Inscribed figures found at the Necropolis of Saqqara, Egypt.
Ancient History

The Fifth and Sixth Dynasties of Ancient Egypt

May 29, 2020

The Egyptian Old Kingdom, known for its grandeur, began to perish after the fourth dynasty ended. But the dynasties that followed were remarkable in their own way. Read on to find out how. […]

A profile of the Sphinx against the yellow sky
Ancient History

The Sphinx – An Accidental Innovation

May 29, 2020

Several Egyptian Rulers left behind relics that are studied even today. One such Relic is the Sphinx, that holds a lot of history, and secrets that we are still unraveling. Read on to Find More. […]

Reassembled Cheops' Boat at the Boat Museum.
Ancient History

The Boat of Cheops

May 26, 2020

Khufu or Cheops’ boat was found buried near the Great Pyramid in 1954. The boat was reassembled and stored in the boat museum. […]

French authorities surrendering Montreal to British forces in 1760.
American History

Recovering Britain’s War Debt: Whigs and the Stamp Act

May 25, 2020

To finance the war against France in North America, Britain amassed a war debt of over ₤122 million. George Grenville’s Stamp Act was meant to recover the money from the colonies, but he had severely underestimated the opposition to the Stamp Act in America. […]

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