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What Led to the Rise of the Modern State?

November 25, 2022

The Thirty Years’ war ended with the Treaty of Westphalia that acted as a catalyst in bringing about the modern state. The treaty, along with other concomitant factors, soon brought into action the decline of feudalism and emergence of the sovereign, modern state. […]

Definition of sovereign state

The Feudal State Versus the Modern State

November 25, 2022

The modern state was based on the principles of sovereignty, territory and legitimacy. Feudalism, on the other hand, did not have well-defined categories of territory and power, which eventually led to the rise of the modern state. […]

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Christianity: Organic Growth and Transformation

November 24, 2022

Early Christian communities had limited access to any of its foundational texts and no shared understanding of how to interpret them. However, all this changed when Constantine adopted the Christian faith. […]

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Emergence of Orthodoxy and Heresy in Christianity

November 23, 2022

Before Christianity got legitimized, defining and enforcing anything like orthodoxy was impossible. Christianity had had no rules, no traditions, no centralized authority. In fact, it was a cult that raised many suspicions. […]

Image of Jesus Christ

Jesus and the Jewish Society

November 23, 2022

While the Hellenized urban elite Jews were content living under Roman rule, there were urban poor Jews who hoped for a new, autonomous Jewish kingdom under a new leader. […]

Deeper Dive

New Wondrium Course Discusses UFOlogist George van Tassel

November 21, 2022

Architect, mechanic, and UFOlogist George van Tassel began building the Integratron in the early 1950s, claiming he was instructed by aliens. This Mojave Desert landmark was supposed to facilitate life extension and time travel. What became of this ambitious project? […]

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