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European History

New Wondrium Series Updates Ideas about the Black Death

June 19, 2022

The Black Death first struck almost 700 years ago—but we’re still learning about it. New evidence has shed light on the infamous plague and teaches us about the science of disease. Bubonic plague is under the microscope again. […]

Image of the Great Wall of China

Proclamation of the People’s Republic of China

June 18, 2022

Though Chiang Kai-shek agreed to form an alliance with Mao against Japan, he continued to view the Chinese communists as an existential threat. They were again in direct conflict in 1946, in a national civil war. […]

Flag of China

Chinese Communist Party and the Guomindang

June 17, 2022

Though the Guomindang and the Communist Party together declared a new national government in China, they were split over their political objectives. These differences meant that there could never be a long-term consensus between the two. […]

Old Communist Poster

China: Sun Yat-sen and the Bolshevik Influence

June 17, 2022

Though imperial rule in China had been replaced with a republic, the alliance between nationalists and communists was fragile. Russia’s Bolshevik’ convinced them to join forces to defeat the warlords, imperialists, and feudal landlords. […]

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