Royal flag of France before the Revolution
European History

The French Society Before the Revolution

April 24, 2022

Public executions were not uncommon in Paris during the 18th century. By the end of 1792, an estimated 17,000 French citizens met their ends in violent and public fashion. […]

This is a picture of a pirate ship in darkness with a mysterious light from behind exposing the dark side of the ship

The Predicament of Black Pirates

April 8, 2022

Pirates were more likely to feature international and interracial mixing. Racially targeted oppression was a little bit less severe than normal as some of the hierarchy was based on skill and not on race. […]

This is an illustration of battle of two ships in the sea

A History of Mutiny and Piracy

April 5, 2022

Mutiny was an important part of pirate politics that challenged the authorities and fought for the basic rights of all the pirates. William Fly was one of the famous pirate mutineers. […]

This is an image of a pirate treasure map surrounded by compass, guns and gold coins

The Problems in Piracy and Their Defiance

April 5, 2022

Pirates chose a dangerous path, which was also, relatively speaking, a path of freedom. Some people claim that pirates were freedom fighters attempting to spread labor rights and democratic values across the oceans. […]

An image of robotic arms working on cars in an assembly line.

Japan’s Industrial Boom and Total Quality Management

April 2, 2022

Japanese exports were famous for their superior quality. The industry achieved this by not penalizing mistakes in the manufacturing process but rectifying them. If the product was flawed, they focused on changing the process, effectively managing superior quality. […]

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