Rare color photo of the trial at Nuremberg, depicting the defendants, guarded by American Military Police

The Aftermath of WWII—What Were the Nuremberg Trials?

February 25, 2019

In November 1945, the historic Nuremberg Trials began. They constituted a landmark exercise of a post-war legal system. As hate groups resurface in America today, what can we learn from court proceedings against Nazi war criminals? […]

Photo of a McDonald's sign written in hebrew

The Story of Hebrew

June 5, 2018

Professor Michael Carasik discusses how Hebrew has survived the ages as both a language, and an intrinsic part of Jewish culture. […]

(Image: By Popartic/Shutterstock)

Military History: The Middle East in World War II

December 1, 2017

The role of the Middle East in World War II fundamentally altered Americans’ conception of the region. For the first time, U.S. officials saw the geopolitical orientation of the Middle East as vital to American national security—a view of the region that persists to this day. […]

American History

History of Latin America: The Rise of Latin American Nations

December 1, 2017

Latin America does not usually loom in world history as the source of one of the great traditions. It’s a borrower of forces and influences from other places that then merge with more local elements and traditions, but Latin America has had a varied and significant role in world history. […]

Egypt Luxor Temple. granite Statue of Ramesses II seated in front of columns (Image: CL-Medien/Shutterstock)
Ancient History

Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World: Egyptian Pharaohs

December 1, 2017

Official Egyptian religious culture was centered on temple worship, and temple worship was always carried out in the name of the Egyptian Pharaohs. The concerns of official Egyptian religious culture were expressed in “cult”—that is, in actions of ritual worship. […]

global network and data exchanges over the world

Big History and The Modern Revolution: Humanity Enters the Modern Era

December 1, 2017

In the last millennium, the pace of change accelerated sharply and decisively. The isolation of the world zones was breached in the 16th century. Then, from 1700 on the pace of innovation began to accelerate so rapidly that, within just three centuries, the entire world had been transformed. […]

Standard of Ur. Sumerian artwork, ca. 2600-2400 BC. From tomb 779 Ur. British Museum. Detail
Ancient History

Archaeological Wonders of Mesopotamia: The Royal Cemetery at Ur

December 1, 2017

One of the most spectacular and widely publicized archaeological discoveries in Mesopotamia was the cemetery at Ur, excavated in the late 1920s. Ur had been known for many years because of the large ziggurat mound that dominated the site. Visitors to the region had described the site in the 17th century A.D. […]

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