Harry Potter scarf, book of spells and a wizard's wand
British Literature

Why Is Harry Potter Such a Popular Character?

April 19, 2023

The first “Harry Potter” book was released in 1997 and the series is still a hit. In the 26 years since, movies, video games, a massive theme park, and more have followed. What’s so endearing about Harry Potter himself? […]

stack of open books in the dark. The open books are stacked on top of each other. Books in a dark room
American Literature

What Are Textbook Culture Wars?

April 14, 2023

School textbooks are often changed to fit the whims of political parties. This censorship can drastically alter children’s perception of the world around them. Why are textbooks at the center of culture wars? […]

Banned Books, Burned Books: Forbidden Literary Works cover art
Deeper Dive

New Series Explores Banned Children’s Literature

April 2, 2023

Well-known, classic children’s literature has had a history of being banned as books. Groups concerned with inappropriate material have fought the availability of many titles. Even Winnie the Pooh and Ferdinand the Bull have faced removal. […]

Experiencing Shakespeare From Page to Stage cover art
British Literature

Which Language Tools Did Shakespeare Use?

March 19, 2023

William Shakespeare is often considered the world’s best playwright. He made regular use of a wide array of literary devices to liven up his work. Which language tools did Shakespeare use? […]

Silhouette of a woman's profile with feathers around it.
British Literature

Jane Austen Societies in England and America

October 16, 2022

While the first organized Jane Austen Society was founded in England in 1940, in America, Jane Austen Society of North America, or JASNA, was formed in 1979. Austen admirers have ensured that she remains popular. […]

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