Photo shows a chest, quill in an ink pot, an old sheet of paper, a candle and an old pair of spectacles.
British Literature

Utopian Fiction after Thomas More

February 18, 2021

Thomas More’s “Utopia” gave the writers of the later ages enough ideas to explore. Some writers parodied More’s concept of utopia, while others followed in his footsteps. […]

An illustration of Sir Thomas More.
British Literature

Thomas More’s Utopian Ideas

February 5, 2021

Sir Thomas More, the social reformer provides interesting details of a well-functioning society. However, we can’t miss the contradictions inherent in the very idea of utopia. […]

The word utopia seen in a dictionary.
British Literature

Thomas More: The Man and his “Utopia”

February 4, 2021

We see the heavy influence of Greek thought in Thomas More’s “Utopia”. He compels us to imagine a better society and sets the major conventions for utopian literature. […]

The word utopia seen in a dictionary.

Understanding Utopia in the Postmodern Literature

January 24, 2021

When we examine the meaning of the word utopia in relation to the words ‘nusquama’ and ‘eutopia’, we see that the term utopia is a paradox in itself: the perfect place is identical to no place. […]

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