Antique book - Shakespeare published in 1890
British Literature

Understanding Hamlet Through Religious Elements

September 30, 2020

Religious themes run through all plays of Shakespeare. Being aware of these themes is key to understanding the characters and their actions. One of the essential questions regarding Hamlet’s decisions is answered in this way. […]

Painting depicts Ophelia's mysterious death.
British Literature

The Art Of Acting: Hamlet’s Advice

September 18, 2020

Hamlet is able to put stagecraft to work as the test of Claudius’s guilt. In the process, he gives an important advice to the players about acting. It is small wonder that people have often seen much of Shakespeare himself in the character of Hamlet. […]

Black and white picture of Ophelia in grief.
British Literature

‘Hamlet’ on Stage: The Art, The Craft, The Drama

September 17, 2020

While watching ‘Hamlet’ on the stage, it looks like Shakespeare is putting his entire knowledge about the theater into this play. What we see on stage is the result of both Shakespeare’s and Hamlet’s obsession with drama, stagecraft, and acting. […]

Hamlet and Horatio in grave digging scene.
British Literature

‘Hamlet’: What Does the Opening Scene Disclose?

September 17, 2020

The opening scenes of Shakespeare’s tragedies follow a pattern. ‘Hamlet’ is the best play to understand this pattern. So, it is important to focus on the dynamics, the structure, and the action of the first scene. […]

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