Illustration of Jane Austen
British Literature

Lady Susan: A Master in the Art of Manipulation

September 29, 2022

Lady Susan shows that, as an author, Jane Austen was powerful and bold. Some critics see Lady Susan as a significant work that offers an understanding of Austen’s fictional method and her self-concept as an author. […]

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British Literature

Understanding the Ambiguous Ending of Austen’s ‘Lady Susan’

September 29, 2022

Some critics say the concluding moral in ‘Lady Susan’ is sloppily tacked on. But, there are many who consider the ending to be an intentional literary act, composed at a time when a great deal of polite fiction was expected to have a neat, pat, didactic moral lesson to tie together all of the loose ends of the story. […]

Sketch of Jane Austen
British Literature

Austen’s Lady Susan: A Heroine or a Villain?

September 28, 2022

Lady Susan has a lying, cheating, beautiful widow as its main character. Lady Susan herself is not written as a character in black or white. She is someone that many readers find simultaneously captivating and horrifying. […]

Silhouette of a Victorian lady
British Literature

The Sociopolitical Milieu of Jane Austen

September 10, 2022

War, strife, revolutionary ideals, political upheaval—such were the times when JaneAusten was writing. Changes in social structure and beliefs had a significant impact on her life and works. […]

a portrait of Jane Austen
British Literature

Jane Austen and the French Revolution

September 9, 2022

Jane Austen lived during the turbulent political times that saw the French Revolution. Wartime bears its markings on not just her and her family’s lives, but also on her writings. […]

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