Silhouette of a Victorian lady
British Literature

The Sociopolitical Milieu of Jane Austen

September 10, 2022

War, strife, revolutionary ideals, political upheaval—such were the times when JaneAusten was writing. Changes in social structure and beliefs had a significant impact on her life and works. […]

a portrait of Jane Austen
British Literature

Jane Austen and the French Revolution

September 9, 2022

Jane Austen lived during the turbulent political times that saw the French Revolution. Wartime bears its markings on not just her and her family’s lives, but also on her writings. […]

Illustration of an old house surrounded by trees and meadows
British Literature

Distinctions between Wealth and Class in Austen’s Novels

September 2, 2022

Austen’s fiction rails against the strict determinism of rank and its supposed connection to worthiness. Her most admirable characters gain position or status not by inherited titles or estates but by demonstrated character, behavior, growth, and achievement. […]

Sketch of Jane Austen
British Literature

Jane Austen and the Dedication to the Prince Regent

August 28, 2022

While there are claims that Austen focused her stories on ‘the aristocracy’, her books actually provide little mention of them. In her finished works of fiction, she rarely acknowledges the existence of royalty. […]

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