Painting of a woman wearing a bonnet with ribbon.
British Literature

Fashion in Jane Austen’s Era

August 7, 2022

Though Jane Austen had a personal interest in clothing, she was against obsessing about it. Focusing on things rather than people wasn’t a fatal character flaw in Austen’s fiction, but it was certainly a flaw. […]

Sketch of a woman of Regency era.
British Literature

Regency Fashion in Jane Austen’s Novels

August 7, 2022

A love of fine things, especially in clothing, was often a sign of shallowness for a character in Austen’s novel. Austen herself was not anti-fashion, but she found it silly to be obsessed with it. […]

Silhouette of a woman
British Literature

Jane Austen As an Advocate of Women’s Education

August 4, 2022

Jane Austen, in her works, can be seen as a staunch feminist who voices her opinions on women’s’ education. Through her novels, she advocates for the cause by exposing the follies and shallowness of the society. […]

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British Literature

The Clergy in Jane Austen’s Time: A Lucrative Sinecure

July 29, 2022

In the 19th century, there were several professions that a gentleman could adopt. Clergy was one of the most lucrative one. However, the challenging part was not in becoming one, but rather in successfully securing a living. […]

An image of a Victorian woman holding a red feather fan
British Literature

Attitudes Toward Wealth in Jane Austen’s Fiction

July 16, 2022

In Austen’s world, the rich were imagined to be more honorable, better people. And yet, her fiction showed the exact opposite: the laboring middle classes, or even, the poor as perfectly virtuous. […]

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British Literature

Austenian Heroines and the Right of Primogeniture

July 15, 2022

When it comes to the tradition of primogeniture, Jane Austen’s female protagonists stood no chance. Even though they were educated, they faced constant financial insecurity. Unable to inherit, marriage was their only way out. […]

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