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British Literature

Jane Austen’s Place in Literary History

February 4, 2022

Jane Austen is known as an 18th century author, a Romantic era’s author, and a Regency author. Her literature has aspects that match the features of all these literary periods. […]

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British Literature

Jane Austen: The Rise of the Popular Author

February 3, 2022

Chronologically, Jane Austen belongs in a category with the literary Romantics. She wrote in a period described as experiencing the ‘rise of print culture’ and the ‘rise of the novel’. Yet, for many years, she was seen as out of place in English Romanticism. […]

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Margaret Atwood and Ustopia

September 1, 2021

Margaret Atwood strongly believes in the power of narrative. We write stories and they matter. To Atwood, they matter maybe more than anything else we do since they’re what we leave behind. […]

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