dried out dessert to display global warming, climate change

World Leaders Say IMF Should Accommodate Climate Change

November 16, 2022

The United Nations says an IMF overhaul should focus on global warming. Proponents say that a shift is needed since world conditions have changed so much since the IMF began. The IMF was founded in 1945 to help stabilize nations through loans and grants. […]

Close up of back tire of bicycle
Lifestyle News

Bicycle Hearses Come to France for Greener Funerals

November 11, 2022

France’s first bicycle hearse has come to the streets of Paris. A local undertaker has modified her bike to meet legal specifications for body transportation. The funeral industry arose in the 19th century amid the Civil War. […]

Saxophone on dark background
Health News

Patient Plays Saxophone during Brain Tumor Operation

October 28, 2022

A patient in Rome played his saxophone during awake brain surgery. Doctors asked him to perform in order to gauge their progress on excising a tumor from his brain. Awake craniotomies are common medical practice. […]

Blood sample and DNA genes
Health News

Black Death Survivors Helped Shape Modern Immunity

October 27, 2022

Bubonic plague survivors’ genes still influence us today. A study of how germs affect human history shows that our ancestors’ plague immunity is involved in modern disease susceptibility. The Black Death’s strength owed to a mutation 100 years earlier. […]

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