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Stock Market Roller Coaster Suggests Investment Review

March 19, 2020

The Dow Jones has fallen 10,000 points in the last month, continuing Thursday, Investor’s Business Daily reported. Now firmly in a bear market, several stocks are rallying after major losses. It’s time to go back and learn investing from scratch. […]

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Graphic Video of Double Murder Remains on YouTube

February 25, 2020

After a killer shot two people during a live news broadcast in 2015, he uploaded his video of the attack to YouTube. “The Washington Post” reported that the graphic video is still viewable. The father of journalist Alison Parker has pleaded for the video to be removed; yet, it and countless violent videos remain on the website. How does content go viral? […]

Car assembly line, with machines at work
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Nissan Exec on House Arrest Flees Japan before Misconduct Trial

January 7, 2020

A Nissan executive awaiting trial escaped house arrest, fleeing Japan for Lebanon, “The Washington Post” reported. Carlos Ghosn was taken into custody in 2018 and released on house arrest. His alleged crimes evoke questions of executive pay and business ethics. […]

Graphic artist at desk using drawing tablet
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Artists Learn How to Use Disney, Nintendo as Weapons against Scammers

December 21, 2019

Artists whose work is stolen by scam websites have learned how to fight back, Polygon reported. Online stores whose bots steal original artwork to sell on their websites will soon find themselves in the ring with giants like Disney and Nintendo. Intellectual property law is a powerful thing. […]

Sugar and sugar cane close up
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Record U.S. Sugar Imports Echo Its Historical Global Impact

December 17, 2019

This fiscal year, the United States will import more sugar than it has in four decades, NPR reported. This news comes after a shortage in annual beet harvests, from which we get half of our sugar. The simple sweetener has played a major role in world history. […]

Woman on stationary bike at home
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After a Peloton Ad Falls Flat, What Can Companies Learn to Avoid?

December 13, 2019

Fitness company Peloton’s stock fell 15% in three days after an unpopular ad, Business Insider reported. The commercial, released in late November, shows a woman documenting a year of exercise after receiving a stationary bike for Christmas. While seemingly simple, it’s sparked considerable backlash. […]

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