GameStop storefront in plaza
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GameStop Retail Closings Raise Questions about Business Strategy

September 18, 2019

Video game retailer GameStop will close nearly 200 stores by 2020, CNBC reported. The company has had a difficult financial year, with low earnings and plummeting shares. A classic business question comes to mind: Is it better to be first or to improve upon an existing model? […]

General Electric falling stock value
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As GE Stock Plunges Amid Fraud Claims, How to Profit

August 19, 2019

General Electric stock took a nosedive August 15 after being accused of fraud, “The Washington Post” reported. A whistleblower who helped uncover Bernie Madoff’s crimes claimed GE’s books are off by $38 billion. The practice of short selling could save investors a fortune. […]

Woman using her smartwatch at desk
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Amazon Developing Wearable Tech That Reads Human Emotions

May 31, 2019

Amazon is working on a smartwatch that reads your emotions, Bloomberg reported. The wearable gadget will be paired with a mobile app and is being developed by the hardware team responsible for Amazon’s Fire and Echo products. This tech brings us closer to abstractly thinking robots, a classic sci-fi topic. […]

Close up of brown cow
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New Dating App for Cows Lets Farmers Find Suitable Mates for Livestock

May 5, 2019

A new app called Tudder allows farmers to select matches for their cattle, Reuters reported. Bovine profile pages offer information such as milk yield and calving potential so farmers can browse and buy the cows based on their ranching preferences. The app is part of the “Third Wave” of the internet on which our daily lives depend. […]

United States Supreme Court building in Washington D.C.
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Implied Curse Word in Clothing Brand Name Complicates Court Case

April 25, 2019

The clothing brand FUCT has been denied federal protection of trademark by the Supreme Court, “The New York Times” reported last week. According to the Times piece, no one in the courtroom could even bring themselves to say the word out loud. Why do we get so squeamish about certain words? […]

Large college classroom with students
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Colleges Crack Down on Students Paying for Ghostwritten Essays

April 19, 2019

Colleges and universities are finding new ways to prevent students from paying for their essays to be written, NPR reported recently. Students cite rising academic pressures and workloads in choices that educators are calling “contract cheating.” Let’s look at how to write essays instead of buying them. […]

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