Teen sad on her bed
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As COVID-Related Depression Spikes in Teens, a Refresher of Terms

April 2, 2021

Depression levels in teens are the highest psychologists have ever seen. Without access to new experiences, peers, a normal social structure, or personal connections, teenagers are suffering stagnation that sometimes ends in suicide. Depression falls into two distinct categories: reactive and clinical. […]

Face mask on man
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Reviewing Pandemic Prevention Amid Hong Kong’s Selective Quarantine

March 28, 2021

Basic quarantine wasn’t created until 25 years after the Black Death’s first wave. Florence is credited with creating the first “pesthouse” in 1377, where plague victims were isolated to either die or recover. Some say the Hong Kong government is taking quarantine too far. […]

Woman getting Covid 19 vaccine
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Recovered Patients Only Need One Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine, Doctors Say

March 18, 2021

Two-dose COVID-19 vaccines may not be necessary for people who have been infected by the novel coronavirus or survived COVID-19 illness. This is because once someone has been infected, their immune system should recognize it when it’s reintroduced to their bodies. So, is just one dose recommended? […]

1918 Flu pandemic photograph of officers wearing masks
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With COVID-19 Variants Emerging, History of 1918 Flu Repeats Itself

January 26, 2021

New variants of COVID-19 could be more infectious than the original strain, “The Wall Street Journal” reported. These mutations and variations to the original virus help it avoid detection by the immune system or make it better at infecting us. Again, the 1918 flu offers historical precedent for the novel coronavirus. […]

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