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Poor Diets Responsible for More Deaths than Smoking, Study Finds

April 12, 2019

A recent global study published in “The Lancet” shows that diet-related deaths outranked smoking-related deaths in 2017. Eleven million deaths among adults were from dietary risks, the report said. The path to obesity and tips to change course can mean life or death. […]

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Longer, Harsher Allergy Season Expected This Year

April 10, 2019

Doctors are claiming that allergy season will last longer and be more severe this year, CBS Philadelphia reports. This is due to the extended pollen blooming season likely caused by climate change. How do allergies affect your body? […]

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Woman in Scotland Feels Almost No Pain, Doctors Say

April 8, 2019

An arthritic woman in Scotland reports feeling virtually no pain after two separate surgeries, according to “Scientific American.” Her diagnosis suggests a new gene mutation with potential for treating acute and chronic pain. Usually, of course, a person’s body acutely perceives pain and needs medication to alleviate it. […]

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Australian Teacher Claims Six Daily Energy Drinks Corroded Tongue

April 5, 2019

An educator in Sydney says drinking six energy drinks a day has “eaten away” his tongue, Metro reported last week. Dan Royals recently uploaded a picture of his damaged tongue on social media, claiming a visit to the doctor verified his concerns that chemicals in the high-sugar drinks had corroded it. Is his case unique or representative of soda culture? […]

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CVS to Begin Selling Topical CBD Products in Eight States

April 4, 2019

CVS Pharmacy has announced it will sell hemp-derived CBD products in 800 stores, according to NBC News. Products include topical products like creams, sprays, and salves that contain the non-psychoactive substance cannibidiol, a close relative to the marijuana plant. National opinions of hemp and CBD are rapidly changing. […]

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Health News

Alex Trebek Announces Stage-IV Pancreatic Cancer

March 14, 2019

In a video posted to Jeopardy’s official YouTube account on March 6, Alex Trebek announced he has been diagnosed with Stage-IV pancreatic cancer. In an optimistic, but solemn statement, Trebek vowed to fight the disease and win. Recent advancements in cancer research may help his prognosis. […]

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World’s Smallest Premature Baby Boy Goes Home Healthy

March 8, 2019

A record-breaking baby boy, born 16 weeks prematurely, has been discharged from Keio University Hospital in Tokyo. After five months of treatment, he’s going home with his parents, according to CBS News. How do neonatal doctors treat such tiny, fragile patients? […]

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Health News

Fast Food Continues 30-Year Decline in Nutritional Value

March 5, 2019

Fast food has only worsened our health since 1986 despite healthier menu options. An article published on the popular health website Medical News Today reports that larger portion sizes and higher sodium content have plagued fast food in recent decades. How does this relate to the obesity epidemic? […]

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