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Great Courses Professor Offers Three Words for Healthy Debate

April 4, 2021

In recent years, psychologists have found that arguing is ineffective. Trying too hard to prove someone wrong—even with facts—increasingly makes them double down on their opinion. The best way to argue someone into seeing your point of view? Don’t. […]

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Wine Value in Spotlight after Marked-Up Bottles Earn High Ratings

March 31, 2021

New studies show high price tags affect our enjoyment of wine. Although devoted experts may not be fooled, cheaper wines presented as expensive ones earn higher marks from the public than when told their true market value. What does this mean for buying wine based on asking price? […]

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Inside the Comic Writing Process as Keanu Reeves Pens Comic Book

March 12, 2021

Like a screenplay, comics must be carefully pitched, outlined, and drafted. Whether a writer is trying to get a recurring three-panel comic strip published in their local paper or a 500-page graphic novel, the process gets meticulous fast. Actor Keanu Reeves just got that creative experience. […]

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