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Researcher Recommends Taking Baby Steps on Life Changes

February 7, 2021

In an article for The Wall Street Journal, researcher BJ Fogg recommends starting small with life changes. One of the biggest reasons New Year’s resolutions fail, he said, is because people pledge to make drastic changes too quickly. Changing cognitive behaviors is the first step. […]

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Much-Needed Comedy Brightens a Difficult Start to the Year

January 31, 2021

The new year has begun turbulently, highlighting our need for a good laugh. CNN has published a listicle of places to find exceptionally good humor in such trying times, from podcasts to books. Different societies approve or disapprove of humor. […]

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Experts Reveal Amazon-like Women Who Inspired Wonder Woman

January 24, 2021

Amazonians may be more realistic than Greek mythology and comics suggest, BBC News reported. Recent archaeological expeditions suggest a group of ancient Iranian warriors may have inspired the ideas for Amazonian women and Wonder Woman. Comics, as an art form, make and serve history. […]

Empty cafe
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Staying Home from Cafés and Bars Takes Toll on Creativity

January 8, 2021

Having to avoid restaurants, cafés, and bars is draining our creativity, “The Conversation” reported. Spontaneous social encounters often help spark inspiration, and with closures of dining establishments during the pandemic, creativity suffers. There are ways to regain it. […]

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Pixar’s Film “Soul” Examines the Nature of Personal Identity

January 7, 2021

Pixar’s new film “Soul” is light and approachable, despite weighty themes, a reviewer said at RogerEbert.com. The movie revolves around a jazz musician and teacher who finds himself fighting to get back to Earth after a near-fatal mishap robs him of his career breakthrough. It raises questions about the identity of oneself. […]

Christmas lights up close
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Learning Holiday Decorating from Scratch Begins with Patience

December 11, 2020

When it comes to holiday decorating, avoid the “kitchen sink” approach, according to “The Wall Street Journal.” The newspaper has published five tips on avoiding disastrous décor this holiday season, focusing on not overdoing it all. Despite the hard year 2020 has been, maybe less is more. […]

Joe Biden presidential-elect
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Biden’s Foot Injury Underscores Importance of Exercise as We Age

December 7, 2020

President-Elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr., fractured his foot while playing with his dog, “Major,” BuzzFeed reported. Biden was taken to an orthopedic specialist where a CT scan showed hairline fractures. Tai chi improves balance and is easy exercise for all ages. […]

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