Woman walking through green lush pathway in woods
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Green Nature Spaces Improve Moods, Suggesting Color Associations

August 30, 2019

Contact with nature spaces was recently linked to better moods, according to an article published by the British Ecological Society (BES). Examinations of social media posts by people who frequent green spaces showed fewer instances of negative vocabulary. In many ways, colors affect the mind. […]

Spam on plate with autumn background
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As Pumpkin Spice Spam Hits Shelves, An Alternative for Autumn

August 25, 2019

According to “USA Today,” Spam will join an increasing amount of pumpkin spice foods this fall. What started with pie and lattes has extended to pretzels, breakfast cereals, toaster pastries, and much more. Try this maple custard served in a pumpkin if cinnamon-tinged canned meats aren’t your thing. […]

Woman hands gardening flowers
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Gardening to Prevent Loneliness Ranks Among Tips for Better Aging

August 4, 2019

Singapore has recommended that seniors should consider gardening to prevent loneliness and depression, Reuters reported. In 2017, the number of people over age 60 who committed suicide reached an all-time high and officials worry the trend will continue. Staying active is vital to aging well. […]

Compost in cupped hands with a small plant sprouting
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Washington State Legalizes Composting of Human Remains

May 28, 2019

The state of Washington has signed a bill legalizing human composting, CNN reported on Wednesday. This method of disposing of remains, officially known as “recomposition,” accelerates the natural process of a body converting into soil. For the last hundred thousand years, humans have performed a wide array of death rituals. […]

illustration of carbon dioxide molecule
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Evidence Suggests Indoor Air May Affect Ability to Think Clearly

May 19, 2019

Sitting in small, enclosed rooms while low levels of carbon dioxide accumulate could actually be detrimental to the health of your brain, “The New York Times” reported. Both the increased heat build up and the chemical composition of the air we inhale may affect our decision-making and critical-thinking skills. […]

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