Teacher grading papers while drinking energy drinks
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Australian Teacher Claims Six Daily Energy Drinks Corroded Tongue

April 5, 2019

An educator in Sydney says drinking six energy drinks a day has “eaten away” his tongue, Metro reported last week. Dan Royals recently uploaded a picture of his damaged tongue on social media, claiming a visit to the doctor verified his concerns that chemicals in the high-sugar drinks had corroded it. Is his case unique or representative of soda culture? […]

CVS Pharmacy store front
Health News

CVS to Begin Selling Topical CBD Products in Eight States

April 4, 2019

CVS Pharmacy has announced it will sell hemp-derived CBD products in 800 stores, according to NBC News. Products include topical products like creams, sprays, and salves that contain the non-psychoactive substance cannibidiol, a close relative to the marijuana plant. National opinions of hemp and CBD are rapidly changing. […]

Flooded city in Missouri USA

“Unprecedented” Midwestern Floods Expected to Worsen

April 3, 2019

Widespread flooding in the Midwest will continue, and possibly worsen, through May, “The New York Times” reported. While the region is already prone to flooding, leaky levees and the recent “bomb cyclone” that struck the United States have exacerbated the situation. How can Midwesterners stay safe in flood-prone areas? […]

Cheese wheels on wood

Classical Music, Hip-Hop Affect Flavor of Cheese, Scientists Say

April 2, 2019

Swiss researchers have studied the effects of sound waves on the flavors of cheese, according to a Reuters article. Surprisingly, cheese that listened to A Tribe Called Quest produced the most highly-rated flavors in a blind taste test. How does this test pass or fail the standards of scientific experimentation? […]

Pope Francis refusing hand kiss

Pope Francis Refuses Hand Kiss over Hygiene, Defying Tradition

April 1, 2019

Pope Francis refusing to let 19 people kiss his hand has sent critics reeling, the BBC reported Thursday, March 28. A Vatican spokesperson, Alessandro Gisotti, said he asked the pope about it, who responded that it was a “simple question of hygiene.” Where do historical expectations of the pope come from? […]

Scientists analyzing brain scan on screen

Scientists Prove Human Brain Can Detect Earth’s Magnetic Field

March 30, 2019

A new study shows that the human brain can detect Earth’s magnetic field, as published in the online scientific journal “eNeuro.” Animals like salmon, birds, turtles, whales, and bats use it to help them navigate. Learn about another way we experience Earth’s magnetic field—the auroras. […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Presidential Hopefuls Call for End of Electoral Vote

March 29, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the latest 2020 presidential candidate to suggest the elimination of the Electoral College vote, according to “Business Insider.” Buttigieg said he would propose a Constitutional Amendment to abolish it. The Electoral College often causes voting paradoxes in the United States. […]

Recycling conveyer belt, people separating trash

As Costs Rise, Hundreds of U.S. Towns and Cities Scale Back Recycling

March 28, 2019

Recycling collection bills are skyrocketing, forcing cities to scale back or even stop recycling, according to an article in “The New York Times.” Increased costs result from recycling companies trying to recoup losses suffered due to fewer buyers in the global scrap market. Recycling is one of three waste disposal methods used today. […]

Dictionary label
Lifestyle News

Surprising New Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

March 27, 2019

The March 2019 update to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) adds words and phrases related to dogs, gender identities, cannabis, and many more. The official website of the OED says that 650 words in all were added for the first quarter of 2019. The lifespan of words sheds light on our ever-evolving language. […]

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