Folded american flag for military funeral

CIA Veteran Who Led First Post-9/11 Op in Afghanistan Dies

August 18, 2022

Gary Schroen, a long-time CIA operative, has died at 80. Schroen was best recognized for leading Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan shortly after the September 11 terrorist attack. The CIA response to September 11 was historic for several reasons. […]

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Business News

Stephen King Testifies in Publisher’s Antitrust Trial

August 10, 2022

Penguin Random House’s purchase of Simon & Schuster is on hold. The buyout has become an antitrust trial. Concerns exist that Penguin Random House will monopolize publishing. Five publishers release two-thirds of the books in the United States. […]

Shot of Computer Processor Production Line at Advanced Semiconductor Foundry in Bright Environment. Microchip Factory.

Semiconductor Production Bill Passes in Senate

August 3, 2022

More semiconductor chip plants may soon be built in the United States. The Senate has passed a bill to encourage companies that make the chips to do so on domestic soil. Semiconductors use a unique kind of intrinsic conductivity. […]

Citizen walking through monsoon flood

Infrastructure Partly to Blame in Pakistani Flooding

August 2, 2022

The Pakistani government has faced extensive turmoil. Coups, countercoups, contested elections, and more have made its leadership anything but stable. Its recent monsoon seasons are exacerbated by climate change and unsteady rule. […]

Pope hand waving with pope ring

Pope Francis Apologizes to Indigenous People, Begs Forgiveness

August 1, 2022

Indigenous people received a humble apology from the Pope last week. History has shown how Catholic boarding schools had involvement in the abuse and death of many Indigenous children. Missionary work helped to erase Indigenous culture and religion in the United States. […]

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