Image of the lab with a vat producing Solein.

Microbe- and Air-Based Protein Could Be the Food of the Future

January 15, 2020

A Finnish company has crafted a new protein from air, water, and electricity, “The Huffington Post” reported last week. Living microbes are grown in a lab and fed nutrients from the air to produce an edible protein powder. Will people in future generations thrive on it? […]

Brain concept with neurons and hand on dark background

Human Brain Senses Touch outside the Body, Study Shows

January 3, 2020

As the human brain senses where we touch a held object, it can also pinpoint the exact location of where that object then touches another object, “Science Alert” reported Monday. Mapped neural activity shows our efforts to discern where an object that we’re holding makes physical contact with something else. We experience the sense of touch through a complex network of cells. […]

DNA helix concept

Complete Human Genome Extracted from 5,700-Year-Old Chewed Birch Pitch

December 27, 2019

According to a new report published in “Nature Communications,” scientists have extracted a complete human genome from a 5,700-year-old sample. They took it from a chewed pitch of birch, which is believed to have been used for adhesive and personal health purposes. The human genome is the biggest genetic picture of us. […]

Dog in green grass

New Way to Calculate “Dog Years” Raises Questions of Aging and DNA

December 14, 2019

The “epigenetic clock” may gauge life expectancy and aging in dogs, according to an article in Science. By observing chemical changes in canine DNA, scientists can estimate dogs’ relative ages to ours—and maybe even how long they have left. Genes may be part of why we don’t live forever. […]

House plant by window

Benefits of Houseplants Less Than Thought, But Still Considerable

November 22, 2019

Potted plants don’t actually improve the quality of indoor air, according to a new study published in “Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology.” Keeping houseplants has long been believed to provide many benefits, but improving air quality no longer appears to be one of them. However, there are still good reasons to keep plants in the house. […]

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