Volcanic gas rises out of Halema'uma'u Crater from within Kilauea's summit caldera

Soldier Survives 70-Foot Plunge into Hawaiian Volcano

May 16, 2019

A U.S. Army soldier survived a 70-foot drop into Kilauea at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, according to Hawaii News Now. After crossing a safety rail to get a better look at the volcano rim, the ground gave way under him and he fell to a ledge below. Hawaii’s volcanic features range from awe-inspiring to deadly. […]

Uranium Cube from Nazi era Germany

Physicists Hunt for Uranium Cubes from Nazi Germany

May 9, 2019

Scientists are searching for 664 cubes of uranium developed by Nazis during World War II, the popular physics site Phys.org reported recently. The cubes are the result of unsuccessful efforts by German scientists to build a nuclear reactor. How far on the nuclear fuel cycle did they get? […]

asteroid travels towards earth

NASA Prepares Scenarios for Hypothetical Asteroid Defense

May 8, 2019

NASA and other scientists have begun training simulations to plan for asteroids colliding with Earth, according to Space.com. Scenarios have been developed that would grant us eight years’ warning to avert a disaster. As we look at the asteroid belt, it holds many mysteries, threats, and fascinating facets. […]

Neurons in nerve cells

New Neural Imaging Tech Translates Thoughts into Speech

April 30, 2019

New scientific tool decodes brain signals intended for body’s speech-related movements and turns them into computerized speech, as reported by Axios. While the device has limitations, it’s a step forward in helping those who have lost the ability to speak. However, neural imaging is often misunderstood. […]

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