Northern lights, aurora

3,000-Year Study of Auroras Aided by Ancient Literature

November 6, 2021

The space weather phenomenon that puts on a light show in the sky is called an aurora. Aurora borealis and aurora australis are observed in the north and south parts of the globe, respectively. Unlikely sources have helped track them. […]

Close up of someone using a microwave

Microwave Technology Scientist Robert Schiffman Dies at 86

October 12, 2021

Robert Schiffmann, an innovator in microwave heating technology, has died. While he didn’t invent the household appliance himself, his work led him to invent microwaveable oatmeal, among others. Microwaving differs from all other cooking methods. […]

Math and physics background

Physicists Construct Frictionless “Supersolid”—in 2D

August 25, 2021

A newly-made, two-dimensional material defies laws of physics such as friction. The so-called “supersolid” exists as a quantum mechanical state of matter, with rigidly-structured but delocalized atoms. Friction otherwise exists between any two objects in contact. […]

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