a sticker that reads I voted

Microsoft to Release Software Kit for Voters to Track Ballots

May 15, 2019

Citing concerns of election fraud, Microsoft is releasing ballot-tracking software, NPR reported. The software kit will allow voters to track their votes as they go through the counting process and notify them if and when tampering occurs. This tool aims to secure our increasingly vulnerable voting system. […]

Robot vacuum on the floor by table and window

Rogue Roomba Causes Burglary Scare, Police Response in Oregon

May 3, 2019

Oregon police responded to a burglary call only to find a Roomba® causing ruckus in a bathroom, according to NPR. A concerned house guest called the police due to strange noises coming from a locked bathroom, but when law enforcement got in, they found a robot vacuum moving back and forth across the floor. The development of robotic vacuum cleaners has come a long way. […]

Neurons in nerve cells

New Neural Imaging Tech Translates Thoughts into Speech

April 30, 2019

New scientific tool decodes brain signals intended for body’s speech-related movements and turns them into computerized speech, as reported by Axios. While the device has limitations, it’s a step forward in helping those who have lost the ability to speak. However, neural imaging is often misunderstood. […]

Amazon echo smart speaker listening to couple

Amazon Listens to Random Echo Owners’ Alexa Commands

April 18, 2019

Amazon employees sometimes listen to voice commands that Echo owners give to Alexa, “Bloomberg” reported. During the Alexa voice review process, a team of Amazon contractors and full-time employees listen to recordings of customers giving instructions to Alexa, for the purposes of improving software algorithms. Do privacy issues have a home on “The Internet of Things?” […]

DNA with laboratory tube

Regulations Tighten on Gene Editing of Human Embryos

March 26, 2019

The Chinese government announced regulations requiring research approval for gene editing, “Science Magazine” reported. This statement follows the news that China had produced two genetically-altered babies. We’ve come a long way from blasting radiation at insects. […]

Facial recognition concept

20 Top Airports to Begin Implementing Facial Scanning

March 21, 2019

Twenty of the top American airports will soon use facial recognition technology to increase security, government documents released to BuzzFeed said. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will implement the Biometrics Entry-Exit Program by 2021. Learn more about biometrics and the potential benefits—and risks—they bring. […]

Professional baseball player hitting a homerun with big lights in stadium

Major League Baseball May Consider Robotic Umpires

March 4, 2019

Baseball’s trendsetting independent organization, the Atlantic League, may begin using the ball-tracking technology Trackman to call balls and strikes in its games. This automation would regulate the “strike zone” via robotics instead of umpires’ discretion, likely causing the MLB to follow suit. But why do we use robotics? […]

image of power lines in a frozen winter landscape
Tech News

Why Winter Freeze Is Affecting Our Power Grids

February 6, 2019

During the harshest cold weather this winter, some Midwestern utility companies asked residents to turn down their thermostats to avoid overtaxing the regional electric grid serving the area. But what is the grid and how does it work–and get overworked? […]

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