Finland flag overlooking landscape

Finland Likely to Join NATO, Sweden Could Follow

May 18, 2022

All Norden countries may soon be a part of NATO. On Thursday, Finland’s leaders announced their support for joining the organization. Culturally, the Nordic cluster of countries embrace modesty, equality, humility, and skepticism. […]

Russian flag and nuclear missile transport vehicle

Putin Says Russia Has Nuke That Evades Defenses

May 4, 2022

Russia claims to have a nuclear missile that outwits defenses. President Vladimir Putin calls it a warning against any nations that would attack Russia. Putin’s 1999 rise to power changed the country. […]

Election ballot with French flags behind voter

France Holds Impactful Election between Macron, Le Pen

April 29, 2022

France’s presidential election put NATO and Russia in its crosshairs. Incumbent Emmanuel Macron faced off against challenger Marine Le Pen in a potentially historic election. France once came close to war with the United States. […]

Candle light vigil for the deceased

Reviewing Genocide as Biden Invokes Its Name against Putin

April 20, 2022

President Joe Biden informally accused Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine. However, his comment is different from a determination of genocide by the U.S. government, which would require specific action. What constitutes genocide? […]

Tintagel coast

Royal Arthurian-Era Graves Unearthed in Britain

April 13, 2022

After Rome left Britain, the nation saw tumultuous times. More than a half dozen Anglo-Saxon kingdoms sprang up all over Britain to fill the power vacuum left by the Romans. Royal graves from the era have just been discovered. […]

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