man restoring mosaic

Farmer Unearths Byzantine Treasure in Gaza Strip

September 22, 2022

A Palestinian farmer found a Byzantine mosaic while digging in his backyard. After months of carefully unearthing the structure, the find is ready for a proper excavation. The Eastern Roman Empire’s capital was Constantinople. […]

Citizen walking through monsoon flood

Infrastructure Partly to Blame in Pakistani Flooding

August 2, 2022

The Pakistani government has faced extensive turmoil. Coups, countercoups, contested elections, and more have made its leadership anything but stable. Its recent monsoon seasons are exacerbated by climate change and unsteady rule. […]

Pope hand waving with pope ring

Pope Francis Apologizes to Indigenous People, Begs Forgiveness

August 1, 2022

Indigenous people received a humble apology from the Pope last week. History has shown how Catholic boarding schools had involvement in the abuse and death of many Indigenous children. Missionary work helped to erase Indigenous culture and religion in the United States. […]

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