Colosseum Rome Italy

Colosseum’s Lesser-Known Past as Worship Site Revealed

June 24, 2022

Rome’s Colosseum wasn’t just for lethal combat—It was a place of Christian worship. A restored painting of Jerusalem on one of its interior arches shows the Colosseum’s inclination toward the divine. It was a public works project like no other. […]

Commercial airplane taking off

UK Deportations to Rwanda Postponed Amid Legal Action

June 22, 2022

Plans to send asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda have stalled on legal grounds. Last-minute injunctions filed by the European Court stopped the first flight of deportees—for now. Rwanda’s 1994 genocide exemplifies deportees’ concerns. […]

prisoner reading in a dark cell

Bolivia Prisoners Get Reduced Sentences for Reading

May 27, 2022

Bolivian prisons will soon offer time off for literary behavior. Following a model introduced in Brazil, Bolivia will reduce prisoners’ sentences if those prisoners spend free time reading books. Victorian Britain created modern prisons and police forces. […]

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