A broken black cross in a graveyard.
Modern Philosophy

New Atheists and Their Arguments

September 23, 2021

Authors who argue against religion are usually called anti-religious, and among them are the so-called New Atheists, including Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett. […]

A group of women protesting.
Modern Philosophy

The Different Waves of Feminism in the US

September 23, 2021

In general, feminism could be defined as the pursuit of ending sexism and giving women equal rights and value in society. The particulars of this definition have led to various feminist movements. […]

A person's hand arranging blocks with medical icons in a pyramid shape.
Modern Philosophy

“Elysium” and the Public Healthcare System

August 19, 2021

What “Elysium” describes is not unlike what capitalism has produced in America. When healthcare is treated as a commodity, it becomes expensive because it’s highly valued and requires expertise. […]

An American flag with a hardhat, gloves, and tools next to it.
Modern Philosophy

“Metropolis” and Labor Unions

August 18, 2021

In “Metropolis”, it’s impossible to look at the workers marching in and out of catacombs, their choreographed pulling of levers and valves, and not think of worker alienation. […]

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