An image of pregnant woman with the word Overpopulat0ion and world map stamped on her belly.

Overpopulation and Birth Control Methods

September 14, 2021

Overpopulation cannot be solved relying on people’s common sense or individuals being motivated by the greater common good. One way or the other, the state has to intervene- passively or coercively. […]

Animage of a doctor cutting the drip of a patient.

Can Euthanasia Solve the Problem of Overpopulation?

September 14, 2021

When it comes to the issue of controlling overpopulation, specially in the genre of dystopia, euthanasia seems to be the favorite solution. It is easy to impose in states controlled by totalitarian regimes, such as in the movie ‘Soylent Green’. People are often even tricked into it as in the 1976 movie Logan’s Run. […]

A human face and colorful graphic elements.

Hegel and the Process of History

September 10, 2021

Hegel adopts a view of God or the World-Spirit as directly governing the forces of human history and in some ways coming to understand itself in human history. […]

An oil painting of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.

Kant’s Demythologizing of Ancient Stories

September 7, 2021

In the age of Enlightenment, after Kant started talking about “radical evil”, many complained he was betraying the new opportunities the human mind got once it had been freed from tradition. […]

A portrait of Immanuel Kant.

Immanuel Kant: The Great Awakening

September 6, 2021

Though Immanuel Kant didn’t want to or at least feel the need to travel far, he was perpetually extremely interested in the outside world; he gave lectures on world geography. […]

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