Image showing the White House in Washington DC.

Why Are Campaign Finance Regulations Needed?

August 2, 2021

It’s probably impossible to regulate good faith and general good will, but it’s worthwhile to refine the system of regulations in a way that aims to expand democratic practices to as many people as possible. […]

Image showing the flag of the United States of America

History of Financing of Federal Campaigns in the US

July 25, 2021

Financial campaigning for a candidate runnin for public office in the US was unheard of in the early days of the republic. However, as years passed, a complex system of financing federal campaigns evolved that resulted in the birth of different organizations and groups. […]

An image of a woman speaking in a megaphone.

Democracy and Will of the People

July 22, 2021

It’s not possible to meet the will of all people in a society because people have different preferences. That’s why politicians need to use different institutions to prevent chaos in society. […]

A man holding a “I VOTED TODAY” sticker.

Understanding Voter Turn Out in the US Elections

July 2, 2021

The process of participating in elections is contagious. People will be willing to vote if they see their relatives and friends are also participating. Educated and wealthy people are also more likely to vote than others. […]

judge reading a decision

The Working of the Supreme Court

May 18, 2021

Only the majority opinion of the Supreme Court has legal authority and can be cited in future cases as being part of the precedent set by the case. […]

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