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The Features of High Achievement Motivation

September 18, 2022

People high in achievement motivation have district characteristics. They tend to be highly accomplished, willing to be challenged, competitive, have clear goals, are able to self-regulate, and are mentally tough. […]

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What Influences Our Sexual Behavior?

September 18, 2022

Sexual behavior is differing. Men tend to engage in casual sex more readily than women. Women, on the other hand, are at the receiving end of a sexual double standard whereby female sexual behavior is not encouraged, bowing to the prevalent social norms. […]

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How Motivation Influences Behavior: Eating and Hunger

September 17, 2022

Many psychological and biological factors motivate and regulate our patterns of eating and hunger. Psychologically, our environment effects the food choices we make as well as our desire to eat to make ourselves happy. […]

An image of a girl choosing between a sad and joyful smile.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

September 6, 2022

Emotional intelligence, fortunately, can be developed through practice. However, it does naturally grow with age and enhances our ability to see positives in even a doomed scenario. […]

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