Statue of Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul’s Mission for the Salvation of Gentiles

May 18, 2022

It is widely believed that Paul preached on his job of a leather worker. He would travel to different towns and cities and while working, he would talk with the customers, eventually bringing the discussion around to religion. […]

Painting of Apostle Paul.

The Conversion of Apostle Paul

May 17, 2022

Paul believed that faith in Jesus alone brought salvation. He was convinced that he was the one chosen by God to usher in the end of time when Gentiles would come to the faith. […]

‘The Preaching of St Paul at Ephesus’

Paul’s Influence on the Early Christian Movement

May 1, 2022

Paul’s influence on the New Testament, the bedrock of Christianity, means he has influenced all forms of modern Christian faith. He played key roles in the growth of Christian mission and Christian theology as well. […]

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