An image of Chi Rho, the sacred symbol of the Christian religion.

How a Vision Led to Constantine’s Conversion

September 2, 2022

Constantine had a vision in his dream which he couldn’t really make sense on his own. Though what he saw was in the shape of the Chi-Rho, other scholars had to explain its Christian significance to him. […]

an image of an old page from ancient manuscript in hebrew.

The Ancient Christian Apologies

August 14, 2022

Through the apologies, the Christians tried to defend themselves as well as their faith. And yet, they were hardly read by the pagans, kings or officials. They ended up becoming more as arguments that could be used and put forth by other fellow Christians when they, too, felt under attack. […]

An image of an ancient Christian cross on the old stone wall.

The Roman Perception of Christians and Their Religion

August 13, 2022

Christians were rumoured to practice secret worship, performing grotesque rituals. Though there wasn’t any truth to these charges, it was common for one community to level them against another in a bid to disrepute them. […]

A crucifix kept on an open book.

Persecution of Christians by Pliny the Younger

August 2, 2022

The first recorded persecution against Christians for being Christian occurred in 112 CE, under Pliny the Younger’s rule. Pliny’s actions showed that having been a Christian was not a crime; being one was. […]

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