An image of star of David pendant on the hand of a baby.

What Being a Jew Meant in the Roman World

March 2, 2022

Unlike the pagans, Judaism believed in and worshipped only one god, Yahweh, the God of Israel. The Jews believed themselves to be the chosen ones whom the God would forever protect. […]

A statue of the Roman god Zeus.

Ancient Paganism and Modern Religion

February 8, 2022

In modern times, religion is important as it offers spiritual grounding, moral values, and a belief system. However, this wasn’t how religion was understood in the ancient Roman world. […]

An image of a woman in an ethnic dress and shamanic mascots playing on a shaman frame drum.

Defining Paganism and Christianity

February 8, 2022

The terms ‘pagan’ and ‘Christian’ weren’t very clearly defined in the ancient Roman world. For the Christians, pagans were old fashioned rural folks, and for the pagans, Christians were followers of an obscure Jewish teacher. […]

An image of Ceremony in pagan temple with ritual ware.

Religion and Gods in the Ancient Pagan World

February 6, 2022

Ancient pagans, being polytheists, did not have to choose one particular god to worship; they could worship many. Though they didn’t believe in afterlife, they realized the power of gods. […]

An illustration of folded hands with a cross in the background

The Ebbing Christian Faith

January 29, 2022

Christianity and faith in religion seem to be slipping in the face of doubt and challenges of modernity. The emotional toil that a radical shift of religious perspective can have can be immense. […]

An image of a stone sculture of a pagan god.

Christianity and the Defeat of Paganism

January 28, 2022

The victory of Christianity over paganism was spectacular. Even before other religions could realize that there was a fight for dominance, Christianity had taken over. […]

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