Draughts (Checkers) - Judaism vs Christianity - religious tension and conflict between two monotheistic religions and believers, jews and christians

Jewish Opposition to Early Christianity

July 23, 2022

The Christians in the early years faced severe criticism for their beliefs. Most of the Christian narratives act as a polemic against the Jews, labeling them as murderers of God. […]

A page from the New Testament

Ancient Literary Sources on Christianity Versus the Reality

July 12, 2022

All information about the triumph of Christianity and its evangelism comes down to us from ancient literary sources. However, these sources are either inadequate in their data or are contradictory. This leaves us with hardly any concrete information about the religion and its spread. […]

Image of a cross with rays of sunlight falling on it from top right

Christianity: How Miracles and Conversions Were Related

July 2, 2022

Stories of miracles were told insistently and repeatedly as people’s beliefs are based not on seeing the miracles but on hearing about them. In the first four centuries, the conversions almost always happened because of miracles. […]

Painting of Christ walking on water

Growth of Christianity: An Impact of Alleged Miracles?

July 1, 2022

Christians attracted outsiders to such an extent that they eventually wiped out the other religions. A line of argument is that Christians convinced people through the miracles they did, or that they were said to have done. […]

Silhouette of Christ on cross with big halo in the background

What Motivated the Pagans to Follow Christianity?

July 1, 2022

The pagans abandoned their religions and started following Christianity. The alleged superiority of Christianity, the significant benefits of Christian community and far better healthcare were some of the reasons offered to explain the change. […]

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