Illustration showing half of green colored Earth with silhouettes of people, trees, buildings, windmills etc on it, to show an ecosystem.
Earth Science

How Human Activities Affect Various Ecosystems

March 30, 2023

Controlled experiments hold the prospect of revealing general principles about ecosystem behavior, and point out the severe unintended consequences that can result from the addition or removal of a single species. […]

Illustration of Earth with plants and animals on it, to show biodiversity and ecosystems.
Earth Science

Ecosystems and Their Six Characteristics

March 30, 2023

All ecosystems are dependent on both living and non-living parts. They also require energy, recycle matter, have ecological niche for each organism, has balance in populations of different species, and can be disrupted because of changes. […]

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini's Illustration of the closed and opened Atlantic Ocean
Earth Science

What Is Continental Drift and Who Discovered It?

March 24, 2023

Plate tectonics is now recognized as the Earth’s dominant geological process. The continents of Earth are moving, albeit, at an unbelievably slow pace. Why did we take so long to accept this theory? […]

Aerial view of Earth
Earth Science

How Was the Ozone Layer Being Depleted?

January 19, 2023

A U.N.-backed report said the ozone layer is once again healing. The protective band of ozone had been depleting since the 1950s but has since been healing, intermittently. Why does the ozone layer matter? […]

The Botanist's Eye cover art
Deeper Dive

New Wondrium Series Divulges the Language of Botany

December 11, 2022

Plant terminology goes far beyond roots, stems, and leaves. Each are classified into multiple categories based on physical characteristics and growing seasons. If you don’t know a trichome from a petiole, we’ve got you covered. […]

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